Delivering all aspects of on road motorcycle training from learner to advanced levels including rider development and refresher training for those returning to motorcycling.
CBT £ 150 ,

3 hour lesson £90

Module 1 test £15.50 ,

Module 2 test £75 ,

Collision Damage Waiver £80.
Post test training £90 per 3 hour lesson.

Sharper Rider Training appreciates we all learn at a different pace therefore the options below are to be viewed as examples as every trainee will have their own schedule tailored to their needs and requirements.

All prices include bike hire, a helmet and gloves if required and 3rd party insurance. A Collision Damage Waiver is available and a 1 off payment covers all training with Sharper Rider Training whilst using our bikes.

Lizann 12.12.2016 22:05

Hi Andrew do you do intensive courses?

Sandy Gillespie 07.10.2016 17:16

Looking to undertake direct access course starting in the Spring.What is average time spent on gaining licence and what would be approximate cost?

Andrew 21.09.2016 08:24

Hi Gordon, do you do a direct access course and if so how much would it cost.

Gordon 21.09.2016 08:52

Hi Andrew,give me a phone on 07913809802.

Andrew 29.02.2016 19:09

Passed my CBT with Gordon back in November, AMAZING training. He is claim and treats you like a mate, gives the best information on all safety aspects!

John 31.07.2015 15:25

Hi there, big Donald MacKinnon said to see you about doing my CBT and Direct Access... So can I ask when would be the next weekend I could book my CBT for ?

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Latest comments

29.10 | 15:29

Hi.I had my mod 1 and mod 2 done first time pass.Gordon is teaching you how to ride a bike no to pass a test .Very highly recommended. Thanks Krzysztof

20.04 | 00:26

Great trainer that teaches you everything you would need to know about keeping safe on the road. 10/10 training and a great guy too.

18.09 | 15:53

Passed my mod1 and 2 today Gordan is a great teacher and really know what he is doing definitely recommend him and can’t thank him anymore

23.05 | 11:07

Highly recommended instructor. Easy going, no nonsense, great instruction.