This is a great way of getting back on a bike after a spell of not riding. It could be that you've passed your test and not ridden since or you had to sell your bike years ago due to the joy of children, but whatever the reason this is designed to give you the confidence and practice to get back on the road on two wheels.

The lesson would begin in an off road environment with basic machine skills and riding excercises before riding on the road. It may be that one 3 hour lesson is sufficient to regain the skills and confidence to get back on a bike on the open road.

During the lesson you will be accompanied at all times and given instruction to improve and develop your riding. Please do not confuse this training with motorcycle hire.



Rider development is aimed at those who would like to improve 1 or more elements of their riding without going the full advanced riding route. Whether its slow manouvres, motorway riding or country road riding it may only take 1 or 2 lessons to iron out any problems displayed and make your motorcycling a much more enjoyable experience.



Advanced training is ideal for the motorcyclist who is looking to improve all aspects of their riding in all conditions and situations. Advanced riding is a far greater level than licence aquisition and requires a very high level of machine competence, hazard perception ,forward planning etc.

When you are displaying these skills to a high level you will be more than capable of taking successfully any of the advanced tests available. (RoSPA , DIAMOND ADVANCED, DSA SPECIAL TEST etc)



This is aimed at riders with little to no track experience and should not be confused with "become a racer tuition". If you are interested in trackday training contact Gordon on 07913809802.



Latest comments

29.10 | 15:29

Hi.I had my mod 1 and mod 2 done first time pass.Gordon is teaching you how to ride a bike no to pass a test .Very highly recommended. Thanks Krzysztof

20.04 | 00:26

Great trainer that teaches you everything you would need to know about keeping safe on the road. 10/10 training and a great guy too.

18.09 | 15:53

Passed my mod1 and 2 today Gordan is a great teacher and really know what he is doing definitely recommend him and can’t thank him anymore

23.05 | 11:07

Highly recommended instructor. Easy going, no nonsense, great instruction.