Theory and Practical tests


If you want to take the motorcycle practical tests you must first pass the motorcycle theory test.There are two parts to the theory test, the multiple choice and the hazard perception.Both parts are taken on the same day and both parts must be passed to pass the test. If you are unsuccessful in one or both parts the both  must be taken again until successful with both parts. When you are successful at both parts you will be given a certificate with a number on it. Youll need this when booking your practical tests.

On the day you must take with you both parts of your driving licence.If you have an old style licence you must take a valid passport also.

The DSA charge £25 for the theory test. Sharper Rider Training will happily help you book and prepare you for the theory test at no cost.



The practical part is split into 2 modules. Module 1 must be successfully taken before Module 2 can be taken. Both modules can be booked at the same time although an unsuccessful attempt at module 1 may result in the forfeit of the Mod 2 fee if another Mod 1 cannot be taken successfully before the Mod 2 date. At Sharper Rider Training it is not common practice to have the additional pressure of this scenario.

Module 1 is the off road part of the test and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The test involves 7 exercises on an off road area, that are designed to show the examiner that you are competent in machine control and manoeuvrability.

At Sharper Rider Training you will be trained and practiced to a very high level in each of the exercises, and also practiced in various on road scenarios where possible to ensure you are able to apply these skills when it matters and not only when dealing with cones.

The Mod 1 test is incorporated in a three hour lesson giving you a good warm up on the bike and time to practice before taking the test, whilst continuing training for the Mod 2 test riding to and from the Mod 1 test site.

The DSA fee for the Mod 1 test is £15.50.  Sharper Rider Training will book this when you are ready at no extra charge.


Module 2 is the on road riding part of the practical test and normally lasts around 40 minutes. youll ride in a variety of road and traffic conditions and may be asked to carry out some manouvres such as angled start ,hill start etc. Another part of the test is independant riding to assess your ability to ride for yourself whilst making your own decisions.

At Sharper Rider Training you will not be taught specific test routes, instead you will be trained to a high level of machine competence and how to deal safely with the various developing hazards you will face on the public highway. Using the O S M P S L system correctly as taught and the practical skills you have learnt , passing the Mod 2 practical test will seem relatively easy and youll have the confidence and more importantly the ability to go anywhere on your bike and not feel confined to the area you were trained for the test.

The Module 2 test is incorporated in a 3 hour lesson again to ensure you get a good warm up to the bike and conditions on the day, and iron out any faults or uncertainties on the route to the test centre.

The DSA fee is £75 for the Mod 2 test. Sharper Rider Training will book this at no extra charge when suitable. 


Driving Standards Agency Mod 1 video.

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Hi.I had my mod 1 and mod 2 done first time pass.Gordon is teaching you how to ride a bike no to pass a test .Very highly recommended. Thanks Krzysztof

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Great trainer that teaches you everything you would need to know about keeping safe on the road. 10/10 training and a great guy too.

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Passed my mod1 and 2 today Gordan is a great teacher and really know what he is doing definitely recommend him and can’t thank him anymore

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Highly recommended instructor. Easy going, no nonsense, great instruction.